There are many stories about old anchors found in the reefs around the area that was Lago Colony.  For this reason I have made a directory page to guide you to the different stories about these anchors.

ANCHOR AT GATE # 6  This deals with the large red anchor that is set near to what was the entrance to Lago Colony.



ARUBA ANCHOR & CANNON MISSING HELP!  This page is about the anchor found by John Geis and has since been lost.


A NEW, OLD ANCHOR, HAS BEEN FOUND  This is about the old anchor Steve Fremgen found in 2008 on his trip to Aruba.

YET ANOTHER ANCHOR  This page covers an anchor that was at the old dry dock.   Frank Pekary sent in the photo.

ANCHORS FROM EAGLE BEACH  The story and photos of the three anchors raised from Oranjestad harbor by the Dive Team that raised the propeller from the lake tanker SS Oranjestad which sits in 225 feet of water.

SECOND ANCHOR FROM EAGLE BEACH  The lifting of the second anchor found off of Eagle Beach.  It will be use in a monument to the four Dutch Marines who lost their lives disarming a German torpedo that ran up on Eagle Beach.

STILL YET ANOTHER ANCHOR  Another anchor is recovered from the waters around Aruba.

ANCHOR MEMORIAL  About the anchor that was installed at Savaneta Marine Corp. Base as a memorial to the four marines killed disarming the torpedo in World War II  


ANCHOR FROM THE ESSO ORANJESTAD  This anchor was snagged by the Esso Bayonne in 1946.