I just received word from Dufi Kock in Aruba that yesterday evening, May 6, 2009, was the first organizational meeting for the formation of a committee to oversee the construction of a monument to the seamen and persons who lost their lives while living in Aruba during World War II.  The center piece of this monument is to be the propeller retrieved from the Lake Tanker SS Oranjestad.
Present at the meeting were Dick de Bruin, Andre Loonstra and Dufi Kock, Percy Sweetnam was not able to attend because he was home sick with the flu and Toine van der Klooster could not attend but both of these members of the dive team will serve on the monument committee.
The name selected for the committee is: "SS Oranjestad Memorial Committee".
Dufi went on to say that tomorrow Dick will go to the Caribbean Mercantile Bank to find out what needs to be done to open a bank account in the committee's name.  Once that has been determined, they plan to open an account and this web site will begin a drive to raise funds to help pay for the memorial.
The spot they would like to place the monument was also discussed. Tomorrow Dufi will call the Minister, whom they hope will help with this matter, to have an urgent meeting to discuss if they can get a spot at the T-road intersection at the bottom of the hill that goes in front of the church in Seroe Colorado.  Dufi explained that when you are heading to the Baby Beach you will meet this intersection, west of the church. It will be clearly visible to all those going to and from the Baby Beach and also all those coming and going west or east.  He also enclosed two photos of the location which can be seen below.
In addition to that, Dick will contact an architect to do a preliminary drawing of what the monument may look like and also to calculate the type of stand required to support the propeller.
The meeting was adjourned and they will meet again when they have some idea as to the possibility of obtaining the site after Dufi has spoken to the Minister and a drawing from the architect.
These are the photos taken last Sunday by Dufi.

UPDATE MAY 8, 2009

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