Colin Craig's Scrapbook
I am not sure of the exact date that my dad first went to Aruba, late 1920's I think.  He was the Captain of the Maracay, a Lake Tanker built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast.  He left Aruba in 1955. My mother married him in 1942  & I was born in the Lago hospital in November of 1943. My brother Jim was born in 1945. We left Aruba in 1953 to return to Scotland. I'll pull a lot more facts out along with family photos, maybe you'll know some of the folk.
This first photo sent by Colin of the Lake Tankers was not taken in Aruba, it must be either Caripito or one of the other loading facilities on Lake Maracaibo.  It is a great photo of the early lake tankers.

First row of 4 Lago Lakers, from Left to right; Sabaneta, Tamare, Icotea and Invercaibo.  The second row of 2 Lago Lakers, from left to right; Punta Gorda and Inverrosa.   

The photo is taken at Las Salinas, on the lake of Maracaibo
Wonderful postcard of the very early San Nicholas Harbor.

Hugh Chandler writes that it is the Panama Canal, the Lake Tankers periodically made runs to the canal to deliver fuel for the dredges and other ships involved in widening the canal.

This photo show the Lake Tanker Maracay refueling the passenger ship Normandie.  The Normandie make a trip from New York to Rio for Carnival and had to be refueled both going and returning in order to make the journey.  The Maracay took a load to Trinidad and refueled Normandie while it stopped in Trindad.  This information was received from Hugh Chandler.

If you are interested in the passenger ship Normandie click on this

Captain William Craig
Dinner on a Lake Tanker
Colin, his mother and brother at Bungalow 58
Colin in his Scout uniform
Colin and his brother
Colin, on the right, and his brother Jim, on the left, on their trikes at Bungalow 58
Colin's mother at Bungalow 58
Proud parents, Captain and Mrs. Craig with the Colin at 8 months.
Captain Craig in the business suite, I would guess this was taken at the Marine Club.  This from Bryan McCall, he thinks the man in the background, drinking, is Capt. "Bill" Thomas, the Port Captain.  Bryan also said he though Captain Craig was the man behind the man in the suit.
Colin, his brother Jim and two playmates on bikes and "wagon".  Elementary school in background.  See the next photo.
Elementary school at top of cliff, steps going up the cliff and the "maids bathroom" at road level.
Colin, his brother Jim in the middle.  Steve Fremgen says the boy on the right is Jacques van Montfrancs.  The girl on the wall is Christine Carter.
Members of the Lake Tanker Fleet.  Recognize anyone?  Let me know if you do.
Colin, his brother Jim at Baby Beach, remember the raft in the background?
Colin, his brother Jim, his mother and others at the Sea Grape Grove.
Can anyone help with some names?
Second Grade 1952-53 teach was Ms. Griffin. Names supplied by Steve Fremgen 
Top row:      Linnea Stanley, Mary Ann Proterra, (skip over) Gary Deese, Jim Craig, Albert Eeltink
Next down: ? (side view! unknown) Bonnie Van Montfrans, John Thompson, Steve Opdyke, Jimmy Linnum
Next......     Pamela Hemstreet, Gail Janson, Don Burson hiding?, Bobby Johnson
Front           Diane Clark,  Gloria Jopling,  Godfrey Frey
A Farewell Party at Marine Club.  Can anyone help with some names? Click on photo to see photographs from same party from Bryan McCall's Scrapbook.  Got word from Hugh Chandler, the woman handing out the present is his mother, Gladys Chandler.  Colin writes that the lady in the black skirt and white blouse waiting in line is Mrs. Rush.  She was a French national and the wife of one of the chief engineers on the lake fleet.
Fast forward to March, 2007

Hi Dan, just a quick note & some photos from my recent visit to Aruba. My wife & I along with 2 other couples recently cruised from LA to Miami via the Panama Canal, stopping off in Aruba. We were lucky enough to have a great lady taxi driver look after us, taking us to the colony via San Nicholas.

San Nicholas was a bit run down & she explained that the main development was around the beach resorts & the San Nicholas end was being neglected.

We went onto the colony, finding many house unoccupied  or knocked down, but bungalow 58 was there & in good condition. The young lady living there let us into see around and although the veranda was enclosed it looked relatively unchanged, even down to the small gate my Dad had put in the back wall.

Onto Rogers beach via the Esso club, again disappointed to see it as it is now & remember many nights at the movies etc. Rogers beach no T jetty or diving jetty with slide also gone & the pump house missing. Up to the church & pleased to see it was being well looked after, went up to the site of the Lago hospital purely to say I was back where I was born all those years ago.

I suppose the photos I'm sending effectively close Colin's scrap book as it is unlikely we will make the long journey again, but it was something I had to do just once.

The photos will follow separately.



Colin and his wife in front of Bungalow 58.
Patio and back yard of Bungalow 58 overlooking the water.
The couples that accompanied Colin and his wife on the cruse.
Colin on Rogers Beach with the refinery in the background
Oh! that clear water.

November 20, 2008,  the following papers and photos from his father's files were received from Colin.
Captain Craig's badge.
Letter from Captain Craig with regard the transfer of duties for the Tug "Delaplaine.
List of official documents on board the Tug Delaplaine at time of transfer.
Captain Craig's drivers license issued in 1952.
Help, can someone who reads Dutch tell me what this card is called?

Hi Dan, the red card is a proof of admission. It is an immigration card.  The text next to Mr. Craig's photo tells us that it is legal as long as he was employed  by the Lago.
Dolfi Kock
Thanks Dolfi.