Three members of the SS Oranjestad Memorial Committee presented a copy of the book The Propeller to the Governor of Aruba on August 12, 2009.
This is Dufi Kock's account of the meeting and photos taken at the meeting.
Yesterday morning at 10:00am, Percy Sweetnam, Andre Loonstra, and I presented Governor F. J. Refunjol with the first copy of the book "The Propeller", recently published by Mr. Dan Jensen. Present in the meeting was also Mr. Peter Benschop, Directeur Kabinet Gouverneur Aruba.

The meeting went on in a very relaxed atmosphere, and was very informative.

We presented our desire that the monument be placed in the Lago Colony and we asked the governor to help us accelerate the process with Minister Ramon Lee and he showed his interest to help us. We told him that the propeller is all ready to be installed and all that we are waiting for now is the blessing of the government.

He then suggested and asked us if we would be willing to install the monument at the Fort Zoutman & Willem III Tower opposite his office in Oranjestad. He says that from his office window he sees so many tourists come by bus on a daily basis to visit this historic attraction.

In addition to that our propeller monument will be surrounded by Aruba's history. The spot he suggested is left of the tower.

We looked at it and we believe that it is indeed a good spot and much more visited than the spot in the Lago Colony.

We know that all of us would have liked to install this monument in the Lago Colony, where it all happened however this is a beautiful location and will get the maximum exposure.

Additionally, the Fort Zoutman building hosts the year-round weekly Bon Bini Festival each Tuesday evening in the courtyard where dancers in traditional consumes perform for well-attended audiences. Undoubtedly, many tourists and locals will have the opportunity to see and take pictures of the monument and talk about the history of the propeller and WWII.

This is the location suggested by the governor, Fort Zoutman & Willem III Tower, the monument would be to the left of the tower.

From left to right: Governor F. J. Refunjol, Percy Sweetnam, Dufi Kock, Andre Loonstra and Mr. Peter Benschop, Directeur Kabinet Gouverneur Aruba.  Copies of The Propeller can be seen on the table.

Presenting the book to Governor Refunjol.