The Commissary photographs are provided by Stan Norcom.

Note in the first photograph, taken in the 40's there is a ramp on each side of the "porch", the ramp was probably installed when they introduced shopping carts

In this photograph also taken in the '40S there is no ramp from each side of the front porch.
In the photograph above, taken in the 40's, there is no ramp up to the "porch".

In the photograph above and below the ramp can be clearly seen.

The following color photo of the commissary was provided by Bob Pearson, again the ramps can be seen.

The next photo is from inside the Commissary.  This photo was supplied by Dolfi Kock in Aruba.  Note the shopping carts in use, thus the ramp had to be added when the carts were introduced.
Commissary "charge card"  used to charge groceries at the Lago Commissary.  Seems to me we had "credit cards" in Aruba before they were used in the US.  This was submitted by George "Rusty" Royer.

And an example of the Lago Commissary I.D. card.  This card was also submitted by George "Rusty" Royer.


The following is from "Your Aruba Home" published by Lago Oil & Transport Company, Ltd. in November of 1946.
The Company maintains two separate commissaries, one for foreign staff employees and another for the local employees of Aruba and the surrounding Caribbean area.

The foreign staff Commissary, a two-story brick building in the center of the residential section, is very much like a general store in the immense variety of the stock it keeps.  It is the only mercantile establishment in the Colony, consequently, it has on sale practically all the necessities of life and many luxuries as well.

Merchandise available thee includes:

Groceries Glassware Ironing Tables
Silverware Beer Card Tables
Bakery Products Smoker's Supplies Porch Chairs 
Fruits Soft Drinks Light Bulbs
Men's & Boy's pants Men/boy dress shirts Men/Boy work pants
Children's shoes Hosiery Drug Sundries
Kitchen Utensils Men/boy's work shirts Cosmetics
Underwear Haberdasheries Men's Shoes
Pajamas Hats & Caps  Table
Meats Laundry Tubs Notions
Tobaccos  Toys/Decorations Shower Curtains
Bed Sheets Blankets China
Towels Buckets Holiday Food
Poultry Fish  Dairy
Christmas Trees Products Kerosene (free)


Hours are from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Women's or girl's cloths are not stocked, nor are yard goods of any kind.  An acceptable variety of these articles is on sale in the stores of San Nicholaas or Oranjestad. Fresh milk and cream are not available on the island, and powered milk and evaporated milk are used instead.

The Commissary carries a representative assortment of standard brands, and no attempt can be made to satisfy individual tastes in these matters.  The average prices are kept at a general level with those of the New Jersey area.

The booklet went on to note that delivery of groceries could be arranged to residences as well as the Bachelor Quarters and Girl's Dorm.  A fee of 2.00 guilders was added to the order for delivery.

Kerosene, for the stoves, was free and delivered to the house without a fee.  Kerosene had to be ordered the day before the delivery was requested.

Commissary employees, all local employees, were subject to discharge for accepting gratuities.

The Company also maintained a Laundry for foreign staff employees.  The cost for wash, fold or press was $0.12 US per dry pound of clothing.  Dry cleaning had to be taken to a privately owned dry cleaning establishment in San Nicolas.

As pointed out in the article above from "Your Aruba Home"  in addition to the Lago Colony Commissary for the foreign staff employees living in the Colony there was a commissary which was know as The Lago Commissary for the local hires.  This commissary was inside the lago fence but the front doors were on the first street in San Nicholaas that ran next to the concession fence.  Local hires and their families could shop at that commissary.  The photo below shows in inside of the Lago Commissary.  The photo was supplied by Dolfi Kock in Aruba.