After my father retired and he and my mother moved to St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands the thing they both said very often was, "Oh how I miss Colony Service".  Colony Service was the ultimate repair man, the price was low, in most cases it was free, and they came as soon as you called.  Be it a stopped up toilet that needed to be un-stopped, a broken door knob, door hinge or a light switch that did not work, maybe it was a problem with the stove, it did not matter, whatever the problem was all you did was call Colony Service and they had a man there within the hour to fix the problem.

In addition to keeping the houses repaired Colony Service also took care of the moving out, painting and moving back of families when their house was being repainted.  There was no cost for this work and the employees could chose the colors they wanted the house painted, both inside and out.

Colony Service also maintained a full time man to re-upholster the company furniture that was issued to each house.  The color of fabric could be selected from a large selection that Colony Service kept on hand.

After living in Aruba for 29 years it was a shock to my parents to own a house and realize how much work there was to keep the house in good repair, as I said, they often said; "God, how I miss Colony Service".