When houses were first built in what became Lago Refinery and Lago Colony they were built by Lago Shipping Co., Ltd. (Andrew  Weir & Co.), London in 1924 and 1925 to house the officers of the lake tankers they were chartering to Pan American Petroleum.  These first thirty or so houses were built just above the docks where the Lake Tanker birthed.  This area was between San Nicholas and the water and later became the location where the refinery was built.  If you look at the Concession Map and find the SHOPS AND WAREHOUSE & #1 POWER HOUSE that is the location where the houses were first built.  

When the refinery was started in 1928 the houses were moved east to where they sit today.  When the General Office Building and #2 Power House were constructed some of these houses were moved again, (the next location I am not aware of) but a few remained.  Those that remained are now Bungalows 24, 25,28, 30 and so on, how far they extend I am not sure.  They were probably numbered from 1 so Bungalows 1 to 23 were moved a second time.
It is difficult to tell the difference between those first 30 or so Bungalows and the newer ones built in 1928 as they look pretty much the same.  The real give away is TO look at the outside, at the bottom of the outside wall, if it flairs out it is one of the original 30 of so that were built in 1924/1925.  If there is no flare, then the house was built after 1928.

In the cropped photos below you can see the flair at the bottom of the outside wall, this indicates that these were some of the original houses built in 1924/1925.

In this cropped photograph which are some of the newer houses built in 1928 and after you can see that the outside walls are stright.
If you live in Aruba or on vacation there take a look at the houses on the lower road and see if you can determine which have flared sides and when the straight sides begin, let me know I will note it on this page.