In the early days of Lago Refinery there was a product for which there was no market and they were not able to break it down.  Thus the Pitch Lake was formed to dump the un-wanted by-product.  This pitch lake was about two miles North of Colorado Point and the hot pitch was pumped to his dumping location where it cooled and became hard enough to drive a car on, as long as you kept moving, if the car stopped it began to sink into the pitch.

Another by-product of the refinery was the gas that was burned in the flare that was out in the water just off of Number 2 Power House.

A tanker going around Colorado Point.  Note the red cliff on the right of the photograph.  Colorado Point really was red.

Sailing Snips in the Big Lagoon.

And now the sun is setting and we come to the end of this page of photos by Homer Waits.