I have been enjoying the Lago site for some time now. Here are some random photos of  Aruba scenes; the gold smelter, T docks, aerial shots of the golf course, refinery, north coast, the hospital(?) and a couple of the aquariums my family caught fish for. I think all these photos were taken in the early sixties. I just got back from visiting my mother and have a bunch of unsorted pictures that I will be sending you copies of in small batches.

My family; William L. Myers, Lou Myers,  Bill Jr. and me moved to Aruba from Oklahoma in 1954. I canít remember the first house we lived in; it was right next to the school  then 233, 336 and then 1507 until we left in 1966.  Tom Myers, December 2008. Additional photos captions were added February 2009

Bungalow 1507
Swimming at the Big Dock
Oranjstead Harbor in 1957
Malmok in 1965
Palm Beach from the air
Lago Refinery and Tank Farm from the air
The two black and white photos are of the old Gold Smelter at Frenchman's Pass
The five photos above are the Aruba cunucu in 1957
Lago Community Church in 1957
Inside the Lago Community Church in 1957
Frenchman' Pass in 1957
Rogers Beach in 1956
Another view of Rogers Beach in 1956
Getting ready of a Sailfish race at Rogers Beach
Cropped from the other photo to show the "party house" that were along the shore of the big lagoon
Sunfish races in front of the Strand Hotel
Tom and Bill Myers at Aruba airport
In a kayak in Spanish Lagoon
The two photos above show the Aruba Golf Club from the air
The two photos above are of the Myers fish tank
This photo is of a ceramic tile