LeRoy (Roy) C. and Elenor (Ellie) Miller


My name is LeRoy H. Miller (Lee). I was born in Lago Colony in 1948 and left when my father retired in 1957. My father's name was LeRoy C. Miller (Roy) and my mother's name is Eleanor (Ellie). I have a younger brother, Jeff, who was also born in Aruba in 1950.


My mother survives today and lives in Tuckerton, New Jersey. My father passed away in 1977 at age 76. My brother lives in Ship Bottom, New Jersey. I now live in New Richmond, Ohio with my life partner, Karen, and our children Logan, 25, and Kris-Tina, 21.


My father was a Mechanical Division Superintendent under G.L. MacNutt, and my mother was a nurse until they were married in 1947. My father worked for Standard Oil of New Jersey for 42 years and came to Aruba in the very late 30's from Sumatra when the Japanese were taking over there prior to the U.S. entrance into WWII.


We lived in Bungalow # 330 at the edge of the new houses from 1947 until we left in 1957 on the Grace Line. My father was pretty well known for the large parties he would throw in our back yard with his bar-b-que ribs as the centerpiece. I remember that he had a huge concrete grill with racks for the ribs just outside the back gate.


Lee Miller