"Government Jobs", there were a lot of them done at Lago and it must have gone on for a long time, see what Mr. Koster says in his family history.
 "You know what a “government job” is?  In case you do not know, it is when time and materials are stolen from the company you work for.  A lot of that was going on at Lago.  Oh yes, the big shots were in it also.  So I was picked to do most of that kind of work.  I made several nice fences and gates for the big shots and also was asked to make iron work for some grave yards.  I never asked any questions because it was none of my business and I loved the work."
This brass casting of the coat of arms of Aruba, (shown just a little smaller than its full size) is an example of what was done at the Lago Foundry.
Not really a "government job” this "token" was cast in the Lago foundry as a souvenir.  Does anyone know what it was a souvenir for?  The size of the "token", which is cast in brass, is 2.8 inches in diameter and about .25 inches thick.  I found this amongst my father's things. I would guess it was intended as a paper weight. Dan Jensen
This is a picture of my father's 'government job' completed sometime in 1962 just before he left Aruba. It is a beautiful 8 foot round table [made with some kind of plywood] with a monel stainless pedestal base (Dan's note, the best Lago could afford) with matching lazy-susan. In this picture my father is enjoying a glass of wine with daughter Susan and her husband Mike and their daughter Sherry at their retirement home in Compass Lake, Florida.