Frank van Gastel

Frank wrote me from Holland.  This is his Aruba Story.  We came to Aruba in the summer of 1966 ( I was 5 years old) because my father received a contract with the ELGA on Aruba, and he was stationed at the Lago being in charge of all the air-conditioning equipment of the site. We lived in a house (bungalow) in San Nicolaas, address Dahliastraat 10. Owner of the house was the famous Mr. Jan Vis. Although not a policeman, my father was an honored member of the POVA (Politie Ontspannings Vereniging Aruba = Police Leisure Club) because of the fact that he welded the complete new frame of the new building on Eagle Beach in 1969, when the POVA had to move to make space for the Holiday Inn hotel.  When my father returned from his work, we often went to the eagle beach to the POVA club and therefore I am still looking for some decent pictures of this club and the site.  In 1970 we returned to the Netherlands because my brother and sister had finished high school and had to go to other education.

These are Frank's photos
His father's badge.
Frank posing against our Ford Taunus 12M in 1966 at the Natural Bridge
Our father & mother with there Peugeot in 1968
Frank with his older brother and sister
Our back yard (Dahliastraat 10, San Nicolaas) 1970
Our home, Dahliastraat 10, San Nicolaas
Sailing boat that my father manufactured on our back-porch
Me on the back porch with my Märklin train.
Sitting on my bicycle (tricycle) in the back-yard 1967
My father at work on the Lago-site
We are enjoying the carnival-parade together with family Nierop who owned the "Casa Electronica"
Back yard 1967 with our mini-moke and father's pick-up from the Elga / Lago
My mother in het Peugeot 404 in 1969 in front of our home and I am sitting on my tricycle.
Fishing in 1969 at Bushiribana with mother and sister
POVA flag (Politie Ontspannings Vereniging Aruba = Police Leisure Club)
Verblijfsvergunning = permit for me to stay on the island
Pictures of the POVA at Eagle Beach.  These photos are out of focus.