Dolfi sent in these photos.  He got them from his cousin Leon Vrolijk who was a graduate of the Lago Vocational School, you can see Leon's picture below.  Thanks Leon and Dolfi, great photos.

The GOB, Lab & Cat Cracker, not the Esso Dinning Hall has been removed and is now a parking lot.

Roof the the GOB, Lab, Colony Gate and Cat Cracker.

Lago Commissary

Helfrichstraat, you can see a truck on the left side that was used to transport the lago employees that lived fatrher away from the refinery

Hotel Las Delicias and the entrance to the Helfrichstraat.

Mechenical shop with 2 recent LVS graduates, Leon Vrolijk(L) and Rosimbo Kock(R) and Ricardo Croes. Both Leon & Rosimbo are my cousins and Rosimbo is Dufi's brother. The others are brothers from the La Salle order. They were teaching at the catholic schools till in the late 70's.
This is Leon Vrolijk just 18 years old, at the time a recent LVS graduate. He "coined" an idea in the Lago's COIN YOUR IDEA program. He proposed a change in the nozzle of a sanbalasting machine and with his idea he made 1500.00 guilders which was a large sum of money considering it was in the early 50's. This shows the value of LVS. It was very good schooling for the locals.
This is a membership card of the Lago Heights Club. A very good club for the locals, still considered one of the best clubs in Aruba, this is the front side.
This is the back side of the card