Richard Faunce Scrapbook
I thought I would forward some really old photos (late 1930's)of my Dad's chicken farm in the Colony.   It was located at the cliff just south of the New Houses.  He was not really in the business, as you can see by the size of it, and did it for the fun of it with the harvest of fresh eggs and chicken going to family and friends.   My mom (Annie), is in a couple of shots as well as my older brother, (Sidney), older sister (Patsy), me, and the babe in arms is my younger sister Margie.  The Pavilion shown in the photos is apparently the picnic grounds.   I had no idea it was built that early but I can not imagine what else it could be.   My Dad apparently liked convertibles.   I do not remember the one shown but he did turn over to me his 1937 Ford four door convertible when I was in High School. Richard (Dick) Faunce.
Buster, Patsy & Richard with the convertible at the Picnic Grounds.
Buster, Patsy & Richard standing by the convertible parked at the Picnic Grounds.
The Chicken Farm, it was below the cliff in front of the New Houses.
Dad, Sid, and his convertible, he loved a convertible.
Dad, Buster, Patsy, Richard and Margie at the Picnic Grounds.
Dad, Sid, and his chickens.
Patsy, Sidney, Annie and Mom, at the Chicken Farm.
Mom, at the Chicken Farm.
Patsy & Richard by the Chicken Farm.