The photo below is what Rodger's Beach in Lago Colony looked like in the late 1940's, a nice beach but not the nicest or largest beach in Aruba.

Baby Beach, in the 1940's, before the New Esso Club was built.  This beach is considered by some, even today in the 2005, to be one of the best swimming beaches in Aruba.  If you would like to see photos of Baby Beach after IVAN check out the following two web sites which were provided by Reg Kennerty.

Another shot of Baby Beach taken in 1977, still a very nice beach!
The beach on the West end of Aruba at Malmok. California lighthouse can been seen in the background.
The South end of Palm Beach, before all the big hotels were built.

The next two photographs of Palm Beach are supplied by Stan Norcom. These photos, taken in 1957, were before the big hotels were built.

Another view of Palm Beach, with a ship off-shore.
A view of Roger's Beach.  This was taken in the 1950's.  The slide is under construction, you can see the foundation in the lower right had side of the photo.  The poles, used as range markers for the cut in the reef as well as the raft are clearly shown.
Another view of Rogers' Beach, just sand, sea and sky.
North end of Palm Beach in the 1950's
Rogers' Beach in the late 1950's.